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Is Persian Dance your passion and would you like to grab every opportunity to dance with the best? Then wait no more and sign up for the Helia Dance Company!

To enroll in the company, you are required to have a certain level of skill and experience. More importantly, you have to be dedicated to participate in the opportunities the dance company provides you. If you think you have what it takes, then we are waiting for you!

To participate, you have to follow these three steps:

1. Registration

The first step is easy: let us know you want to participate by entering your personal details, background information and your motivation to participate.

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2. Audition

After registration you will receive an auditioning assignment. The assignment will consist of creating a video of you dancing on a Classical Persian Dance choreography. You will receive an example video of the choreography and the music on which you will dance. You will be given two weeks to study the choreography and send a video of you performing this choreography back to us.

After a positive review of your work, you will be awarded a aspirant-member status and you will be able to proceed to the final step.

We do not expect you to be a professional Persian Dancer in this stage. We will review you on basic dance skills, ability to read a choreography and your dedication. If you are confident you have these, than we are confident we can educate you to become a true Persian Dance professional.

3. Pass the Private Intensive Course

When you've reached this step, it means we would like to welcome you to our Dance Company and that you are ready to receive the Professional Persian Dancer status of Helia Dance Company.

To finish the application process, you will have to successfully complete the Dance Company Private Intensive Course. This course consists of 30 hours of professional intensive Persian Dance training and awards you of the skills and experience to master Persian Dance like a true professional.

As a reward for your dedication and skill, the Dance Company Private Intensive Course features a special price, with 33% discount compared to the regular Private Intensive Course! After the course, you will have understanding of the structure of Persian Dance, the choreographies of Persian Dance and the tips and tricks that make you shine on stage.

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What do we offer?

Helia Dance Company is dedicated to bring the best of Persian Dance to the audience, but also to the people who make it happen: the dancers. Therefore we offer you a unique chance to gain experience, stay updated and receive the best education in the industry.

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