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Helia Dance Company is dedicated to bring the best of Persian Dance to the audience, but also to the people who make it happen: the dancers. Therefore we offer you a unique chance to gain experience, stay updated and receive the best education in the industry.

Helia Dance Company provides a unique experience to those who are or want to become professional Persian Dancers. Not only do you get a full professional education for a highly discounted price, you also get the opportunity to participate in a variety of dance projects in and outside your country of residence.

You will be able to stay updated with new choreographies, you will be challenged to improve yourself and you will gain the ability to explore and develop your artistic freedom and creativity.

Furthermore as a Dance Company professional member you will be able to participate in workshops, online lessons and private lessons at discounted prices.

You will be part of a unique group of professionals with an artistic mission. You will play an important part in establishing Persian Dance as a well-known and respected form of art. And you will have a lot of fun in the process!

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